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Training program ideal for all types of carriers, brokers, and shippers responsible for transporting food throughout North America.

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FSMA & Food Safety Training for Small to Large Carriers and Brokers (3PL) to Meet Sanitary Transportation Training Requirements Covering Sanitary Transport Rule and Inudstry Best Practices When Handling Food

The Iron Apple FSMA Training program has been designed for carriers, brokers, and shippers. The training materials and content meet and exceed the FSMA & Sanitary Transport Rule training requirements and is suited for all individuals involved with transporting, storing, or distributing food or food ingredients. The FSMA training program is served from the Iron Apple eClassroom, a web-based digital platform, that is mobile-friendly and easy to use.

Training Programs Overview:

Module 1 – Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) OverviewModule 1 – Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Overview
This module will address who this new food safety Act is affecting, who it applies to, a timeline of the rollout, compliance dates and how the essential requirements will impact the transportation industry.

Module 2 – Food Safety for the Transportation IndustryModule 2 – Food Safety for the Transportation Industry
Awareness of potential food safety issues that could occur during transportation operations. A summarization of basic sanitary transportation practices to help employees address food safety issues.

Module 3 – Good Transportation PracticesModule 3 – Good Transportation Practices for the Sanitary Shipment of Food
Good Transportation Practices (GTPs) that will assist in controlling the chances of introducing any food safety hazards to food, either through the work environment or operational practices. These are the core of having a solid Food Safety foundation.

Module 4 - FSMA Driver Training Module 4 - FSMA Driver Training (3 x 6 Minute Videos) Only for Drivers
Covers everything regarding the regulation and what drivers need to know as it relates to their job and how the Sanitary Transportation rule impacts them.

Module 5 - FSMA Broker & 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) TrainingModule 5 - FSMA Broker & 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Training
This module has been designed to discuss two main topics. The first is how regulations may impact the activity of a broker and secondly, general transportation food safety and what you should be looking for in regard to carriers and the sanitary transport of food. Estimated 15-35 minutes of training content.

Final Mile / Last Mile Food Safety for Delivery Drivers*NEW: Food Safety Training for Final Mile Delivery
The content of our food safety awareness training covers all of the key areas that drivers & delivery personnel need to ensure the food they are handling is kept safe during delivery. Whether you are delivering groceries, meal kits or meals directly from a restaurant, keeping the food you are transporting safe is your utmost priority.

More information can be found at www.ironapple.net. For any questions, please contact us at sales@ironapple.net or 1-844-485-3330